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This unique fragrance combines freshly picked apples with a hint of lavender, creating a delightful medley of Red Delicious Apple, Raspberries, Plum, and a touch of Sugar. Lavender's gentle, relaxing essence adds depth to the scent, making it a must-have for apple and lavender fragrance enthusiasts.

Lavender Orchard Bliss - 8 oz. Mason Jar

  • Fragrance Notes:

    Top: Red Delicious Apple, Raspberries, Plum, Sugar
    Heart: Floral Rosaceous Green Notes, Lilac, Pear, Eucalyptus
    Base: Powdery, Woodsy Musk


    Net Weight: 8 oz.

    Wax Type: Premium Soy Blend

    Wick Type: X wood wicks for a unique and sensory experience