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Our Mission 

Our mission is to offer clean-burning candles, high-quality and eco-friendly products that enhance your environment and promote self-care and wellness. We strive to make a difference in the lives of our customers through exceptional products and in the world by giving back a portion of our profits to meaningful causes.

Author of Luscenti Candle Co Ricci

I'm Ricci, founder of Luscenti Candle Co. My candle-making journey began in 2015 as a fulfilling hobby while being a busy working mom. After taking a break, I returned to candle making in the summer of 2022 and launched my first collection in December of that year.


My hobby has now turned into a successful business, and I'm dedicated to improving my candles for my customers by experimenting with new fragrances and containers. Check back often to see my latest creations!

Image by HamZa NOUASRIA


​The Brand

Luscenti is deeply committed to crafting high end candles that we're truly passionate about. Our  candles are hand poured into reusable glass jars, so their utility doesn’t end when the candle does. They are also highly fragranced, ensuring a truly luxurious experience. The best part is that they are  beautifully aromatic, safe, and ecologically sustainable. 

Image by Augustine Wong
Author of Luscenti Candle Co Ricci


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