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Prepare for an amazing sensory experience with this incredible fragrance! We've crafted a candle that combines the invigorating scents of crisp greens and aloe vera, making it feel like a refreshing breeze. This fragrance is also infused with the soothing aromas of Matcha Verde tea and driftwood, creating a calming and grounding effect.

Just light this candle, and you'll instantly feel yourself unwinding and finding inner peace. It has that irresistible natural charm that brings a sense of tranquility. And, who knows, it might even boost your mood, energize you, and contribute to your overall well-being. Pretty awesome, don't you think?

Green Goddess

  • Fragrance Notes:

    Top: Blanc Citrus, Crisp Greens, Aloe

     Heart: Neroli, Rose, Matcha Verde Tea

     Base: Guaiac Wood, Musk, Driftwood


    Burn Time: Up to 60 Hours

    Net Weight: 12 oz.

    Wax Type: Premium Soy Blend

    Wick Type: Double cotton for a clean and even burning experience

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