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Spice up your Candle Collection with these 4 Unique Winter Scents

Winter is peak candle season, as we all know. While the classic scents (gingerbread, peppermint, evergreen, etc.) are classics for a reason, some of us are starting to tire of smelling the same few scents for months on end. Now, we’re not saying throw out those holiday candles completely, but why not spice up your collection by adding these four unique candles to the mix? Bring on the cozy vibes, but in a fun and unexpected way!

#1 Deep In the Wilderness

This scent brings all the luscious earthiness you’re looking for in a woodsy candle, but with an intriguing twist! Notes of orange and jasmine brighten up the pallet while amber and vanilla add depth and sweetness to the mix. A wonderful candle for living rooms and bedrooms, smelling “Deep in the Wilderness” feels like walking through a stunning forest in the winter, as your boots crunch on fresh snow.

#2 Into the Abyss

Explore this scent as complex as the enigmatic waters of the black sea. Infused with essential oils, mandarin, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and many more, envelop you and take your senses for a journey of innovation. A perfect choice for setting the ultimate bath-time mood, this candle never gets boring with its many alluring layers making you never want to blow it out.

#3 Botanic Garden

As the trees and flowers become bare during the harsh winter months, you may miss the lovely aroma of lush foliage. So, bring the gardens into your home with this perfect blend of woodsy, floral, and citrus scents. “Botanic Gardens” allow notes of white roses and blue spruce trees to dance with bright lemon and patchouli, creating the ultimate retreat from the chilling outdoors.

#4 Warm Embrace

Just what everyone needs during wintertime: a warm embrace. Cozy up on your couch or under your plush bedding to the soothing aroma of warm amber, pear, cashmere, sheer vanilla, musk and more. This candle brings any cuddle session to a new level and creates the best comfy night in vibes. Escape the frigid weather with your favorite nostalgic movie, chunky knit blanket, and “Warm Embrace” burning beside you.

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